Recent info about the Coronavirus situation

Here you will find the most recent updates about our training during the Coronavirus pandemic.
(Last updated on September 22nd)

  • We currently have regular practice. We train Fridays from 7 PM.
  • We can currently practice with up to 20 people. Please register via Email before each practice.
  • Prerequisites for participating:
    • Please be responsible. If you have any cold-like symptoms like a running nose, coughing, fever, etc., please stay home! Please also stay home if you had any contact with an infected individual, someone returning from a high-risk area or if you returned from a high-risk area yourself recently.
    • Masks: When training without armor, please use a cloth mask. During armored practice, please either use a cloth mask, a plastic shield inside your men or (ideally and recommended) a combination of both. Plastic shields can be acquired via Volker or individually online (about 9€).

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