Beginners course

The Ken Zen Kan Heidelberg e.V. offers a beginners course consisting of 12 practices of 1.5 hours each, weekly Fridays from 19:00 – in parallel with our regular practice in the gym of the Theodor-Heuss-Schule. A shinai (bamboo sword) will be provided free of charge. As for equipment, you will only need a regular T-shirt/sweatshirt and sports trousers. Buying any clothing (hakama or kendo-gi) or armor can be considered after completing the course, joining our club and another three or so months of practice.

After completing the beginners course, you will have the necessary basic skills of kendo to participate in a grading for the 6th kyu (first beginner’s rank). The grading may only be taken after joining our club.

The fee for the beginners course is 30 € and is to be paid in cash at the first lesson or by wire beforehand.

The beginners course will be held when at least four people register. Minimum age for the course is 12 years.

Beginners courses 2019

  • from Friday, January 10th (19:00) to March 29th
  • from Friday, May 3rd (19:00) to July 26th
  • from Friday, Septembre 13th (19:00 Uhr) to Novembre 29th

(If lessons are cancelled because of holidays, there will be additional practice days).

Please contact us beforehand via email.

Of course you can join us at any time to watch our practice. Please coontact us beforehand via email.