Recent info about the Coronavirus situation

Here you will find the most recent updates about our training during the Coronavirus pandemic.
(Last updated on December 21st)

  • Because of Germany-wide restrictions, there is currently no practice being held.
  • We currently have practice on Fridays. The beginner’s course will be held from 19:00 – 20:30, regular practice is from 20:30 – 22:00.
  • We can currently practice with up to 20 people. Please register via Email before each practice (until at least Fridays, 12 PM). You will receive a notification if we are at the limit for the current week. In that case, you will be prioritized for the next week.
  • Prerequisites for participating:
    • Please be responsible. If you have any cold-like symptoms like a running nose, coughing, fever, etc., please stay home! Please also stay home if you had any contact with an infected individual, someone returning from a high-risk area or if you returned from a high-risk area yourself recently.
    • Masks: When training without armor, please use a cloth mask. During armored practice, please either use a cloth mask, a plastic shield inside your men or (ideally and recommended) a combination of both. Plastic shields can be acquired via Volker or individually online (about 9€).

COVID-19 – No training

Training will be postponed starting today until at least the 18th of April!

Unfortunately, the Corona crisis is developing faster and more dramatically than anticipated. Today news broke that all schools in Baden-Württemberg will be closed until after Easter.

Because of the high risk of infection and the guidelines issued by the Robert Koch Institute and Ministry of Health we have decided to postpone our training starting today until at least after the Easter break on the 18th of April.

After the break we will reevaluate the situation. Please take care of yourselves and follow the guidelines by the RKI and Ministry of Health. Let us hope that the situation will be under control and all do our part.

Stay healthy and see you soon,

20th Imasato Hai seminar

Attached is the announcement and registration for this year’s Imasato Hai seminar on Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st (including an exmination up to 1st kyu) with Isao TAKITA (7th Dan Kyoshi), Dr. Bernd KLEIN (7th Dan Kyoshi) and Yukio SHIMIZU (7th Dan).

We will hold a kyu examination up to 1st kyu on Sunday. See the announcement for details. Please register in written form or via email to

We’re looking forward to training with you!

Kangeiko 2020

2020 is off to a good start: Four Ken Zen Kan members took part in this year’s kangeiko in Stuttgart. Over five days Julia, Dominik, Nadja and Simon fought through countless training sessions with Uwe Kumpf, Mikko Salonen from Finland and Tsuneo Suzuki. There were many more senseis present and with 6 hours of keiko almost every day, everyone had a chance to spend some time with them!

Kyu and Dan examinations were held on the last day. We congratulate:

  • Nicolas Krapp, who used to train in Heidelberg, now 3. Kyu
  • Dominik Pitz, now 2. Kyu
  • Simon Dehne, now 3. Dan