20th Imasato Hai seminar

Attached is the announcement and registration for this year’s Imasato Hai seminar on Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st (including an exmination up to 1st kyu) with Isao TAKITA (7th Dan Kyoshi), Dr. Bernd KLEIN (7th Dan Kyoshi) and Yukio SHIMIZU (7th Dan).

We will hold a kyu examination up to 1st kyu on Sunday. See the announcement for details. Please register in written form or via email to sportwart@kendo-heidelberg.de.

We’re looking forward to training with you!

Kangeiko 2020

2020 is off to a good start: Four Ken Zen Kan members took part in this year’s kangeiko in Stuttgart. Over five days Julia, Dominik, Nadja and Simon fought through countless training sessions with Uwe Kumpf, Mikko Salonen from Finland and Tsuneo Suzuki. There were many more senseis present and with 6 hours of keiko almost every day, everyone had a chance to spend some time with them!

Kyu and Dan examinations were held on the last day. We congratulate:

  • Nicolas Krapp, who used to train in Heidelberg, now 3. Kyu
  • Dominik Pitz, now 2. Kyu
  • Simon Dehne, now 3. Dan

Advent tournament in Lich 2019

The annual Advent tournament in Lich has come and gone – Heidelberg participated together with Luca Klein from Offenburg. The five of us fought in the categories 3rd – 6th Kyu, Ladies, Dan and Team.

One of us had an especially successful day: Julia Jonentz made 3rd place in her category, 3rd – 6th Kyu! To top it all off, she passed her examination for 6th Kyu afterwards.

Gianluca Maniaci also fought well in his very first tournament and even scored ippon! He also passed his 6th Kyu. Congratulations!

Leo Wolff and Simon Dehne defeated their first opponents in the Dan category but lost against stronger participants in later rounds. Luca Klein made it all the way to the finals and fought against Hiroyuki Ohno, reminiscent of the recent final at our very own Imasato Hai. After almost 20 minutes of close encho, he finally lost and earned 2nd place.

Last but not least we had our team fights and had to face “Katana Prime”, who went on to earn 1st place.

All in all it was a successful and fun day! Spending Advent Sunday in Lich is fun each and every year and we thank our friends from Lich and everyone who participated.

45th German Team Championship 2019

Last weekend this year’s German Team Championships took place in Hanau. Four of the six team members for Baden come from our club (Dominik Pitz, Leo Wolff, Jonathan Schneider, Simon Dehne).

Unfortunately, the Baden team was eliminated in the preliminaries against KenVO (who fought on to become 3rd overall) and Hessen 2.

Despite everything, it was an educational day and we are looking forward to next year already!